Friday, October 31, 2008


careful out there.

this cat likes to put himself thru boxes

nice art

i like this artist's art - Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG
more here

drinking wine will rot your brain

"Having just one glass of wine a day could expose the drinker to potentially dangerous levels of metals linked to cancer, heart attacks and Parkinson's disease, scientists warn.

A study claims that some wines contain dangerously high levels of naturally occurring metals such as copper, zinc and nickel.

The highest levels of contamination were found in wines from Hungary and Slovakia. French wines were third on the list."
read it here

in keeping with the economy

do white people (causasians, i mean) complain alot?

they sure do apparrently!

white people whining alot here

don't you wish your commute was like this ? (waterslide invovled)

in keeping of the halloween season

this is about the grossest halloween accessory, the dead corpse (amazingly real)
buy it here

beautifully designed concept headphones

pretty, when not in use, you can easily snap in as a sorta necklace, handy.
just a concept

floating modern home

and its green.
site here

this is the insanest extreme sport i have EVER seen - Wingsuit Base Jumping

you are not hardcore if you have never done this.

wood iphone case

what can i say. wood is the shit. its natural, sustainable, functional, and environmentally safe.
buy it here

10 most delicious looking but not tasting USB

Rollei Rolleiflex MiniDigi AF 5.0 Digital Camera

old but new school


and you thought Las Vegas is cool

Vegas is 2004. Dubai is 09 and beyond. Meet the anara tower, amongst many of Dubai's manmade wonders.

"Anara Tower will be a 125-story mega skyscraper in the Dubai. At about 700 meters tall, will rank among the world's tallest structures. It designed by a British firm Atkins. And it will conform to LEED certification requirements of at least silver rating, maximising water and energy efficiency and potentially including renewable sources of energy. Apart from sky gardens after every 27 floors, the building will have offices, shops, a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 300 residential apartments, and a place for exhibitions and auctions. The apartments, which are expected to be the most expensive in Dubai, will have luxuries like exclusive swimming pools, exclusive elevators and views of the beautiful coastline of Dubai. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2009."

more here

ever since jack the ripper the english just havent been the same

in a recent survey, 50% of the british sleep with some sort of personal device
see it here

Thursday, October 30, 2008

table that looks like a pool but isn't but is a table and is called a pool table but is not a pool table. ok then.

mind boggling. i swear these designers are on a whole different level

designer here

7 of the smelliest creatures in the world

whatever looks stinky, is stinky.

more of them here

man faints during stampede, wakes up in the morgue

"Nineteen-year-old Mange Ram from India was knocked unconscious on a pilgrimage by stampeding devotees on the way to the Naina Devi shrine in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh.
Panic set in when rumors of a landslide in the area started to circulate, thousands of people on the steep path scurried in fear resulting in a horrendous stampede, killing hundreds. The bodies were carelessly dispatched into trucks without anyone checking to see if the crushed bodies were still alive.
Mr Ram, thankfully, woke up in the morgue only to find himself laying in a row of cadavers.
“When I woke up, I was in the middle of a row of bodies waiting for postmortem.”
” My throat was parched and I asked for water. Towering over me the doctors and nursing staff at Anandpur Sahib Civil Hospital looked dazed. They must have been surprised to see a dead man come alive like that.”

No shit?
read the full story here, if you have to

this is where it happened, pretty.

for when you can't afford that Eames

make yourself kinda feel better with this..

clothes made with -- human tissue!

hannibal lectre would have loved this. its alive by the way, it has living human tissues.
read more and see more here

7 bugs with man faces

more bugs here

microsoft does other shit better than OS's

see the universe using Microsoft Research's WorldWide Telescope
download and install here