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GQ's 25 Sexiest Women in Film Photos:

bardot & birkin in don juan 73 is my jam

GQ's 25 Sexiest Women in Film Photos:

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places i'd rather be

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NASA launch partay !

apparently the homeboys in NASA love the white devil!

"(CNN) -- NASA says it has launched an investigation after finding cocaine in a processing hangar for a space shuttle at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
A small amount of cocaine was found in a restricted area of the processing hangar for the shuttle Discovery, NASA said in a statement.
"This is a rare and isolated incident, and I'm disappointed that it happened, but it should not detract from the outstanding work that is being done by a dedicated team on a daily basis," Kennedy Space Center Director Bob Cabana said in the statement.
NASA has drug-tested employees who worked in that area, the statement said.
"There were about 200 NASA and contractor personnel who were around the facility at the time the drug was found," the statement said.
CNN affiliate WESH reported that the cocaine was found this week in a small bag on the floor near a bathroom in the restricted area.
NASA is using its own security and law enforcement officials to conduct the investigation.
Discovery's next launch is in March, NASA says.
"There is no reason whatsoever to believe this incident will have any impact on Discovery's upcoming launch," Cabana said."

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the girl with 2 vaginas!

whoa. im kinda torn whether this is cool or not.
"Have you ever imagined what your sex life might be like if you had two vaginas? Hmmm ... double the vaginas, double the pleasure, right? Not, according to 28-year-old Brit Lauren Williams, who actually had two vaginas. After getting tired of tending to her 21-day period (OMG, kill me now), she suspected something might be wrong with the lady bits and went to get it checked out. After a lot of confusion and misdiagnosis, her vagina’s double life was revealed. She had two of everything—two vags, two uteri, two cervixes. Evidently, this is a rare disorder called a “bicornuate uterus.” Lauren was shocked; she had never noticed before, nor had her doctors or boyfriends. But why would her boyfriends have said anything—each of her two vaginas was very small if you know what I’m sayin’. Lauren underwent surgery to remove the barrier between her vags, leaving her with one giant vagina. A happy ending ... I guess? I bet OctoMom is jealous. [Where is the Discovery Health special on this person?!—Editor] [Mid-Day]"
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Synthetic Alcohol

Still feeling the sting of New Year's Eve all these days later? A synthetic alcohol substitute developed from chemicals similar in composition to Valium could give users the pleasant feelings of tipsiness without affecting the parts of the brain that lead to barroom brawls, crippling addiction, and sleeping in your car.
Unlike all those bunk point-of-sale hangover remedies, this headache-eluding synthetic is being developed by some serious brainpower at Imperial College London. Professor David Nutt, one of Britain's top drug experts, was recently relieved of his position as a government advisor for comments about cannabis and MDMA. Now, he's trying to change the way Britons think, and feel, about getting drunk.

By harnessing benzodiazepines like diazepam, the chief ingredient in anti-anxiety med Valium, Nutt sees a future of drinking without becoming addicted, belligerent or -- and here's the kicker -- intoxicated. Using one of thousands of possible benzos, researchers are working to tailor a colorless, tasteless synthetic that could eventually replace the alcohol content in beer, wine and liquor.

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the Super Chicks Mash-up

whoa, the duff + jlove hewitt offspring is super duper hot.

fashion ridics

fuck man. just yesterday i was looking for samurai suits to purchase for my next halloween costume and i happened upon this ridiculousness.

Chanel, artist Tetsuya Noguchi created this piece for the fashion conscious, retard warrior.

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villian - Jimmy Jump

Jimmy Jump (Laurence Fishbourne) was the east coast gangster nightmare. He was the cool, calculated drug dealing, cop killing, gangster henchment to Frank White (Christopher Walken) in King of New York.

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good thing they didnt show what happens in the end of this tracking shot!

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Mercedes-Benz BlitzenBenz concept car

what the eff is that you're thinking right?

its a spaceship.

it might as well be.

Make Mercedes-Benz
Model BlitzenBenz
Concept year 2008
Production year theoretical 2025
Engine Hybrid hydrogen engine

"The Mercedes-Benz BlitzenBenz concept was created by George Yoo, a designer at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development in Carlsbad, California. The BlitzenBenz was developed during his final year at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

The BlitzenBenz is an innovative and thought provoking concept which was designed as a futuristic racing vehicle to be used for testing and evaluating cutting edge technology. According to Yoo - "The BlitzenBenz is a statement of history coming back to influence the future. With Mercedes' long lived racing heritage."

The design of the BlitzenBenz concept was inspired by two very different sources. The original Blitzen-Benz from 1909 provided the overall idea for the vehicle, with it's elongated tubular shape and rearward cab positioning. However it was the influence of Alex Erlandson and his work of creating "sculptures" from trees which were grown into certain shapes or patterns which gave Yoo the idea of, "what if automotive parts were to be grown and tamed to hold certain shapes".

Obviously the technology is not quite there yet to create such a vehicle, but the current research into nanotechnology is paving the way for intelligent and adaptable components which can be grown instead of manufactured. It's an incredibly interesting prospect which would completely alter the way cars are built, maintained, upgraded and recycled.

The exterior structure of the BlitzenBenz is designed to act as a base for the organic structure to sprout out from and form itself around. The individual wheel pods are held in place by this organic component. These can can sense whenever the electric motors inside need to be cooled, the structure would then open up - similar to how a plant opens up to receive sunlight or water.

The cool-blue lighting system of the vehicle was inspired by the bioluminescent capabilities of deep sea creatures.

Powering the Mercedes-Benz BlitzenBenz is an advanced next-generation Hygenius hybrid hydrogen engine and four in-wheel electric motors. In the side pocket of the car, just below the cockpit, is a hydrogen storage tank that shows the fuel level in a small window to provide a visual sense of water being recycled throughout the vehicle - as if it maintains itself."

the inspiration behind the concept is this beaut...the 1909 blitzen-benz



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temporary office space ?

man i hated my old office space...

this would be the shiznit

more here

CP project one motorbike

Norton featherbed frame and a Triumph 750 Bonneville engine, the Triton is the brainchild of French designers Frank Charriaut and Vincent Prat from Southsiders MC.

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