Monday, June 29, 2009

Wrangler “We Are Animals” by Ryan McGinley

awesome. 4000 pictures of Ryan McGinley for Wrangler, moonlight, nature and mystery.

SLIDESHOW from wrangler on Vimeo.

if french space aliens came to earth, this is what they would drive - bugatti type 57 atlantic concept

Lupe Fiasco - The L.A.S.E.R.S. Manifesto

lupe fiasco is one of the most outstanding rappers at the moment. his level of socio-political consciousness is pretty impressive. most rappers dont see the benefit in this, but to me its an awesome thing. check out the lasers manifesto.

Michael Jackson lean thing...

remember that lean thing that MJ used to do ?
this is how he did it!

The news of Michael Jackson's death yesterday threw me off. At first I thought it was a rumor. But alas, no. I grew up with his music and have many favorite songs. Indeed, I consider him the King of Pop. His death was a big surprise, but then this morning, another surprise: Jackson had a patent.

The title: Method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion.

It's a system that consists of a special shoe that has a hitch designed to attach to a projection in a stage. When the shoe engages with the component in the stage, the performer can lean forward beyond his or her center of gravity.

Why did he invent it? According to the patent, he had dance steps in his video performances where he and members of his dance crew would appear to lean forward beyond the center of gravity. This illusion was achieved by using cables attached to each dancer's waist. But the set up required stage hands to help out and was too clumsy for use during live performances.

The solution: The shoes. The video shows the anti-gravity shoes in action, live:

read more!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Graffiti Snails

Most people have to shell out to give their homes a makeover – not so for these multi-coloured molluscs.

The flashy snails have had their drab shells given a paint job for nothing – and they didn't even have to move a muscle.

A London artist, known only as Slinkachu, has used the molluscs' shells for a series of designs dubbed 'Inner City Snail – a slow-moving street art project'.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Pirate Hunting.

wow. whose in with me ?

Luxury yachts offer pirate hunting cruises
Luxury ocean liners in Russia are offering pirate hunting cruises aboard armed private yachts off the Somali coast.

Wealthy punters pay £3,500 per day to patrol the most dangerous waters in the world hoping to be attacked by raiders.

When attacked, they retaliate with grenade launchers, machine guns and rocket launchers, reports Austrian business paper Wirtschaftsblatt.

Passengers, who can pay an extra £5 a day for an AK-47 machine gun and £7 for 100 rounds of ammo, are also protected by a squad of ex special forces troops.

The yachts travel from Djibouti in Somalia to Mombasa in Kenya.

The ships deliberately cruise close to the coast at a speed of just five nautical miles in an attempt to attract the interest of pirates.

"They are worse than the pirates," said Russian yachtsman Vladimir Mironov. "At least the pirates have the decency to take hostages, these people are just paying to commit murder," he continued.
rest in peas. pre weirdness michael

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i saw this today

dont drink and drive. fucking lame. im still a little shook up. i was literally 10 feet from the lady. some dude from london stopped me on my bike to ask me a question and perhaps saved my life as well. i probably would have tried to bike fast across that street as well. it was strange.

Driver Arrested After Attempted Canal Street Hit-and-Run

Firefighters rush to the side of an injured woman after she was struck by a car at the intersection of Canal and Broadway June 25. Police arrested the driver, at left and in photo below, who allegedly caused the accident.
A woman was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries after a violent hit-and-run accident at the intersection of Broadway and Canal Street late Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses said a man driving a black Honda CR-V east on Canal Street blew through the intersection at Broadway and slammed into a Lincoln Town Car before attempting to flee the scene south on Broadway around 5:30 p.m., June 25.

The force of the collision sent the Town Car careening into the crosswalk, striking an unidentified woman who was crossing the street at the southwest corner of the intersection.

While the full extent of her injuries was not immediately known, severe cuts and bruises were visible to her head, back, arms and legs. A witness said he saw her fly into the air on impact.

A crowd surrounded the woman as she laid barefoot in the road, shielding her from oncoming traffic until paramedics arrived several minutes later. She was taken to St. Vincent’s hospital for treatment.

The unidentified driver, who was arrested following the incident, only made it about halfway down the block, between between Canal and Walker Streets, before getting stuck in Broadway traffic. A group of men, shouting, caught up to his car, opened his door and pulled him out, detaining him until police arrived. Witnesses said they smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath and saw an open beer can in his car.

“At first, it looked like [the victim] was dead,” said one witness who was standing on the opposite corner, across Broadway, at the time of the incident. He said he watched as the driver tried to get away down Broadway. "But like 40 people came after him," he said.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will roll

on repeat for me. i love karen o's voice

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

zooey lets go-e!


Neil deGrasse Tyson

is one of my favorite scientists. what he says here is amazing.

scotty cranmer

is the king of tailwhips and front flips.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Irina Blok's Funemployed

sometimes id love to be still unemployed. Irina Blok's Funemployed series pretty much sums up what i went thru. a little bit of fun a little bit of boredom, a little bit of doubt.
buy it

Lily Allen - Fuck You

some days i just feel like a big FUCK YOU to everyone

Friday, June 19, 2009

reference under cool

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Thursday, June 11, 2009

vacation time!

ill be out for a few...Paris, then LeMans for the 2009 24 Heures du Mans, then Capri, Italy! ill leave you some parting images of where i shall be...
ill update here and there though

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kanye West - Spaceship

here's the unreleased video for it. this is before everything. back when kanye had a slightly different vision

Spaceship from kwest on Vimeo.


Chul an kwak is a young korean designer who aims to inject furniture with dynamic emotion, breaking from the static norms.

"With serpentine legs that resemble nothing so much as octopus tentacles, the ‘r.n.i.’ series of tables by Chul An Kwak is actually inspired by images of running horses. Sculpted from wood, these designs offer the same sort of flat surface you’d see in a conventional table but with legs that seem kinetic and alive."

this is pretty cool

a poster on neglected kids...

cute attack!

yoda hedgehog!

Beanzawave - USB microwave

get your beanz on!

"The Beanzawave, which measures just 7.4 inches tall by 6.2 inches wide and 5.9 inches deep, doesn't even need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. The device contains a USB port, so mid-afternoon snacks can be heated up at the computer without expending excess power. In the future, Heinz might experiment with lithium ion batteries--making the Beanzawave ideal for camping trips. Heinz claims that snacks can be warmed in under a minute thanks to intense heating action from a combination of cell phone and radio frequencies.

The mini microwave is being developed as a partner to Heinz Snap Pots, baked beans in single-serving containers. The Snap Pots, available in the U.K., fit perfectly into the Beanzawave. But the $160 device will only be released commercially if consumer feedback is positive and if component prices drop in the near future. At its current price, the Beanzawave isn't much cheaper than a conventional microwave."


ever want a custom squirrel taxidermy?

i for sure do!

get them here

The Dolphin by Innerspace

pretty fucking tight

check it

Bansky this summer

is dropping. location unknown. june 13th


big ass Mobile Suit Gundam in tokyo

zany as usual those japanese

In celebrating the 30th anniversary of popular anime Mobil Suit Gundam, engineers in Tokyo built a life-size, 1/1 scale model of a RX-78 Gundam robot (known as the Real G) at a park in Odaiba Island. The massive statue stands tall at 59 foot (18m) and features a remote-controllable head unit, 50 different light emitting units and 14 mist dispensers for visual effects and possibly, for watering the park lawn. The robot will stay in Shiokze Park from 7/11 - 8/30, so if you're in Tokyo this summer, check it:


this is the stealth bomber of all speed boats. swiss company Lake Lucerne developed this boat. runs on fossil fuel and solar power.

2 x Ilmor marine combustion engines MV10-710
Configuration : 90 degree V 10
Horsepower : 2 x 710 HP
Torque : 882 Nm @ 4800 rpm
Full throttle rpm range: 5400 - 6300
Capacity: 2 x 8.3 liters
Performance: 90 kn
2 x electric engines

Source of Energy:
Fossil fuel (2 tanks)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

MGMT - Kids (official video)

6 yrs after the song was released, the official video is out. directed by ray tintori. Ed Roth’s Rat Fink made it to the video at 4:16...

Tight Pants Skating Ass Niggahs!

ninjasonik + Daniel Evans LOW CARD MALL GRAB

MALL GRAB from Daniel Evans on Vimeo.

my bad!

go ahead and fill this in fellas, cuz u fucked up and you know it.

word up!

fashion ridics

John Galliano's Dior spring/summer 2009 'Tribal Chic' collection

Lego Back to the Future Delorean

someone take me to the future!

Day ‘n’ Nite Instrumental in MSNBC Obama Special


Day 'n' Nite Instrumental in "Inside the Obama White House" from DP on Vimeo.

Transparent Restroom

too bad it doesn't stay transparent, kinda. press the button and presto, frosted glass. i think bar89 in nyc has something like this...

Big Maoi Tissue Dispenser

get one here

GPS Coordinates - 48°25′00.00"N 2°40′00.00"E (Fontainbleau Forest, France)

Kanye West (ft. Rihanna) - Paranoid by Nabil

another banger from director NABIL

the video was taken down- get it here -

KANYE WEST "PARANOID" feat: RIHANNA Dir: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

artist: Kanye West
song: Paranoid
label: Island Def Jam
director: NABIL
prod. co: Partizan
DP: Ross Riege
editor: Ryan Bartley
producer: Justin Benoliel & Kathleen Heffernan
post: Ghost Town/ Gustavo & Clara
set designer: Jed Hathaway

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

fashion ridics

bacon and pizza keds ? looks yummy tho!

pizza lovers

Monday, June 1, 2009


i gotta lot of love for the commodore was my first computer.