Monday, November 30, 2009

Scientists can now trap rainbows

no joke. now if they can only get that little green irish bastid

Those Care Bears can step off, because now humans have control over rainbows too. Scientists have created a rainbow trap with a lens and a plate of glass, and could apply the technique to information storage in the not-so-distant future.
New Scientist notes that UK scientists at the University of Surrey proposed a rainbow trap in 2007, based on exotic metamaterials that could manipulate light. But a team at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland has managed the feat with a relatively simple setup.
One side of the lens received a 30-nanometer-thick coating of gold film, or about three times the thickness of a bacteria's cell wall. Researchers laid that gold-side of the lens down on a similarly gold-coated glass slide, so that just a thin layer of air existed between the curved lens and flat slide.

The air layer eventually tapered off to zero thickness at the point where the lens and slide touched, and created a waveguide that trapped light components unable to pass through openings smaller than their wavelengths.
Researchers went on to shine a laser beam into the open end of the improvised waveguide device. The trapped rainbow showed up under a microscope as a series of colored rings inside the device.
This could all theoretically lead to better optical information storage, given that current computing devices need to convert signals between light and electrical. But for now, you can tell the kids that they can really catch rainbows, if they have the right equipment.

here is the full article

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i been posting alot of trues...its cuz im at a crossroad or something.

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remember doing this ?

cute attack

self explainatory

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Mounting the Soviet Flag over the Reichstag

amazing photo


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Basic Space Video

XX is pretty amazing, this the video for Basic Space

The xx "Basic Space" from Jean Hürxkens on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

zooey lets go-e!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shark gives another shark a C-section!

and not to eat the yummy babies inside

"Visitors to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World were stunned to see one shark give another shark an impromptu caesarean section.

Staff were initially dubious when visitors came running to tell them there were baby sharks spilling from a wound in a female school shark's stomach - courtesy of a large bite by another shark.

But they found a female with a large gaping stomach wound and four babies swimming in the tank.

Kelly Tarlton's aquarist Fiona Davies said it was common for sharks to take chunks out of each other, even in the wild, but she had never heard of anything like this.

"It had to bite a certain part to let them out and do it without killing them [the babies] or her [the mother]."

Ms Davies said the unusual delivery had probably saved the baby sharks' lives.

Staff did not know the mother was pregnant and, had she given birth naturally, most likely at night, the babies would have been eaten by adult sharks and stingrays before staff could rescue them.

The young sharks have been taken to a "nursery" tank with some baby eagle rays, where visitors can see them before they are released into the wild."

Monday, November 9, 2009

cute attack!

the fennec fox!

zooey lets go-e!

internet porn in space now possible

apparently TCP wont be good enough for interplantary google invented the DTN (The Delay-Tolerant Networking protocol....was Nasa's idea..
read more about it here

are u addicted to the interwebs? TEST TIME !

i spend alot of time on this biatch...only at work tho! kidding! not really!
take the test and potentially fail it
read more about your effing problem

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Mary Weiss

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do da belly bump!!!

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Danny Macaskill

what religion should you be?


60 Years of Commie Rule

celebrated in china October 1st, 2009. color, humor, and danger all in the same parade!
from boston globe here