Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the truck

ICON FJ Trucks

"the most advanced form of simple"

this is my favorite truck of all time. simple but underneath it all, advanced as fuck. i pretty much love this kind of aesthetic and design.

"After a decade spent restoring old sixties- and seventies-era Land Cruisers, Jonathan Ward figured he could do better and Ferroscanned (basically making an LCD image of a metal structure) the body of a 1970 model and reverse-engineered the entire thing. His latest 4x4 sports a 450hp biodiesel V8, military-grade suspension, and an extended cab. "I wanted to get away from all the superfluous electronics and bullshit content. You can drive this like you're stealing it," he says. Though, considering the price tag, that quote may be more apt than intended.
$116,000 to $160,000"


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