Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the worlds first stealth fighter

that luftwaffe and Hermann Göring were a tricky bunch. who knows what would have happened if this bad mother-effer made to production.

"As it turns out, Hitler had an stealth fighter in the Ho 2-29. Thanks to the use of wood and carbon—which increased its radar absortion—jet engines integrated into the fuselage, and its blended surfaces, the plane could have been in London eight minutes after the British radar system detected it. In comparison, other planes took 19 minutes since detection to target, which gave the RAF fighter enough time to scramble and hunt down the bastards. The Ho 2-29 would have made the interception almost impossible, if at all."

the Horten 2-29 was reproduced by northrop grumman and tested to see if it would evade wwII era radars. currently residing at Air and Space Museum’s Paul E. Garber Restoration and Storage Facility.


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