Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the girl with 2 vaginas!

whoa. im kinda torn whether this is cool or not.
"Have you ever imagined what your sex life might be like if you had two vaginas? Hmmm ... double the vaginas, double the pleasure, right? Not, according to 28-year-old Brit Lauren Williams, who actually had two vaginas. After getting tired of tending to her 21-day period (OMG, kill me now), she suspected something might be wrong with the lady bits and went to get it checked out. After a lot of confusion and misdiagnosis, her vagina’s double life was revealed. She had two of everything—two vags, two uteri, two cervixes. Evidently, this is a rare disorder called a “bicornuate uterus.” Lauren was shocked; she had never noticed before, nor had her doctors or boyfriends. But why would her boyfriends have said anything—each of her two vaginas was very small if you know what I’m sayin’. Lauren underwent surgery to remove the barrier between her vags, leaving her with one giant vagina. A happy ending ... I guess? I bet OctoMom is jealous. [Where is the Discovery Health special on this person?!—Editor] [Mid-Day]"
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