Thursday, April 9, 2009

NY Times Article - Mapping the Cultural Buzz: How Cool Is That?

ha, if the NYT is writing about what is cool, most likely its been 2 years since its been actually cool. and also the lack of mass media/flashy getty images is actually what makes some neighborhoods cool. thousands getty images don't constitute cool. if you need to map to find cool or tell you whats cool, you probably havent found yourself yet.

"Apologies to residents of the Lower East Side; Williamsburg, Brooklyn; and other hipster-centric neighborhoods. You are not as cool as you think, at least according to a new study that seeks to measure what it calls “the geography of buzz.”

The research, presented in late March at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, locates hot spots based on the frequency and draw of cultural happenings: film and television screenings, concerts, fashion shows, gallery and theater openings. The buzziest areas in New York, it finds, are around Lincoln and Rockefeller Centers, and down Broadway from Times Square into SoHo. In Los Angeles the cool stuff happens in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, along the Sunset Strip, not in trendy Silver Lake or Echo Park.

The aim of the study, called “The Geography of Buzz,” said Elizabeth Currid, one of its authors, was “to be able to quantify and understand, visually and spatially, how this creative cultural scene really worked.”
link to the stupid article here

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