Monday, April 20, 2009

Return of the Honda Super Cub

im going to get one beleeeedat!
"In 1958, Honda, with the help of San Yang Motorcycle company of Taiwan, introduced the Super Cub motorbike. The two-wheeler saw immense popularity the world over, but Honda stopped selling the bike in The States in 1983. Super Cub and scooter fans can stop holding their breaths because the now independent San Yang Motorcycle has decided to introduce an updated version of the bike that they are calling Symba. With scooter sales in the US on the rise, the company felt that now was a perfect time to bring back this classic step-through designed bike. The Symba will hit the streets with its 100cc 4-stroke engine and 4-speed semi-automatic transmission in early May with a $2,598 price tag."

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